Program Partners

Our Program Partners have helped scale up over the last 7 years of the PARFI journey. They have stood hand in hand with us by supporting and acknowledging our initiatives. They have helped us by

  • Providing funds for arranging and accommodating skill development
  • Infrastructure allocation for Gurukul Residential setup
  • Loans to facilitate skill development training
  • Tie-ups with government bodies for Skill Gurukul setup</span
  • National recognition from long standing partners

Employer Partners

Our Employer partners are those who trust in our empowering initiative and have seen the success behind recruiting the candidates from our training programs. Our partners have been scaling up as we have scaled up in the last 7 years, across various sectors. Our Employer partners thread being most dominant PAN India is also growing to countries nearby with employers who welcome the diligence of our skilled candidates with opportunities.

CSR Partners


The PARFI journey has been long enough to meet many remarkable people and organizations who have stepped forward in empowering the youth of India with opportunities. As we march towards the goal of improving the economic status of the country, we look to partner with those who will propel our mission forward in any way possible.

Partnering with Your Organization for executing CSR projects

Pan IIT partnering with your organization and its philanthropic partners – that have a focus on skilling, to execute CSR projects as a trusted partner

Skilling & Certification with Affirmative Action and LWE focus – with accountability!

Pan IIT Gurukuls partner with corporates both in India and abroad to skill and certify underprivileged youth in Affirmative Action Groups and Left Wing Extremist affected regions

Employment linkage – with Financial Inclusion!

Trained underprivileged youth given opportunities in the employment/entrepreneurial ecosystem with the means to financially sustain their loans and gain greater financial appetite for growth

Enabling opportunities through technological and systemic interventions

Enhanced guidelines in quality, technology driven education aid for widespread impact of certified candidates