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PanIIT Alumni Reach for India (PARFI), a not-for-profit section 25 social enterprise of alumni the reputed Indian institutes of Technology (IIT), is committed to execute and scale self-sustainable business models that enhance incomes of the underprivileged sections. PARFI is managed by PanIITian professionals and domain experts and is overseen by a advisory board of PanIITians and invitees from various walks of life including corporate, Academics. Mr. Hari Padmanabhan, and Mr. Ashank Desai are non-executive directors and Mr. Kris Gopalkrishnan, CEO & MD, Infosys is executive sponsor. PARFI sets up 'Rural Skill Gurukuls' for the underprivileged, school dropouts with assured placements and 100% loan financing. We have a network of Gurukuls across India in states like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan etc

What We Do At PARFI

Key Milestones

Vocational Training schools for school drop outs especially below grade X, to provide 'fit-forpurpose' skills through 60 to 90 days full time, residential training in a Gurukul style setting with 200 -300 contact hours PARFI is pioneering with NABARD support a loan-based model for under-privileged candidates who cannot afford the fees and is also providing an outcome linkage as a means for them to repay their loans once the course is completed. Assured placement with a captive client /employer Blue-collar technical skills that can be taught to dropouts & illiterates like Welding, Fitting, Assembly line Technicians, Machining, Shuttering/Scaffolding, Bar bending, LCV & Forklift Driving, Catering, Electrician, Ductmen, AC Mechanic, Tiling, plumbing etc. These hard skills need capital investment and consumables Admission to below-the-poverty-line, unskilled (earning minimum wages), school drop outs Zero-subsidy model with 100% micro-financing for all candidates followed by EMI deduction from wages in Six installments Run in Gurukul approach of facilitated self-learning with hard skill training combined with 'soft' elements like Yoga, Patriotism, Public speaking and work values Principals are ex-servicemen from Indian Military Engineering Services and trainers transferred from Client.