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The PanIIT Kaushal College

The PanIIT Kaushal College is a first-of-its-kind Autonomous ITI/ANM Colleges in the country dedicated to providing best-in-class vocational education to the poor. A new paradigm of “Autonomous ITI” with 4 levers:

An Automous ITI model of imparting vocational education under the SCVT/SNRC has below autonomy: 
  1. Autonomy to make use of the expertise of the industries, universities and other leading national/international institutions to frame the curricula in line with NSQF that shall be approved by SCVT (State Council of Vocational Training)
  2. Have autonomy to prescribe rules of admission, fee structure but ensure the affordability for the under-privileged through education loan financing
  3. Use modern tools of educational technology like simulators, e-learning, virtual classrooms to achieve higher standards and greater creativity
  4. Optimize the use of its infrastructure and facilities and collaborate/participate/associate with leading national/international institutions/international governing bodies in vocational education, organizations and industries to enhance its brand equity/reputation as a top of the line technical education & skill development training provider
  5. Free to recruit teachers/trainers within India and from abroad according to the needs in accordance with existing procedures, subject to the minimum qualification prescribed by the Autonomous ITI and approved by SCVT
  6. Semester credits-based pedagogy with internship (between two semesters), electives and typically with a duration of 1 year
Institute set-up plan Guidelines

Every Kaushal college shall have best-in-industry class standards of infrastructure to give a minds-on (knowledge), hearts-on (attitude), hands-on (skill) experience to the students at the Kaushal college that is predicated on the ASK model of competency enhancement.

Learning Infrastructure Standards:

Minds-on (Academic, Co-curricular Learning): Smart Classrooms (CLs), Digital Library (DL), e-learning theatre (ELT), Guest Lecture Auditorium (GLA)

The academic, co-curricular learning agenda is an important aspect of learning for knowledge enhancement.  Technology can play a pivotal role in ensuring this aspect of pedagogy is adequately delivered for enabling tutored learning & tech-assisted self-learning.

The following shall be learning infrastructure standards available at every Kaushal college:

Smart classroom (CL) is with e-nabled smard desks that have a provision for an in-built work station & plug point. Initially 25% of desks will come with workstations and over time as more content becomes e-delivered 100% workstations will be populated. The classroom will have flooring to conceal the wires for safety along with projector facility.

E-learning Theatre (ELT) for enabling 2-way learning for lectures from the web or specialist faculty from remote location. There will be at least one such ELT in every college.

Living Infrastructure Standards:

Hearts-on (extra-curricular learning & enjoyable experience): Recreation room, sports & yoga, nutritious dining, utilitarian hostel, disciplined spartan lifestyle

Having a fun-filled experience is important in one’s well-being. Extra-curricular activities including singing, play-acting, gardening, debate contests will aid in all-round personality development.

The following shall be Learning infrastructure standards at every Kaushal College:

Bunk Beds with “Smart’ study desks in the room (concealed wiring) with study LED lamps along with hygienic sanitation. Further to save students time and over-all aesthetics, coin-operated dryers might be installed. The living area in case of woman’s ostel would be access-controlled. The focus on simple, utilitarian hostel set-up to optimize comfort to inculcate values of shared, frugal living in a disciplined Spartan lifestyle. The upkeep of campus would be the responsibility of the students.

 Recreation room for indoor sports like table-tennis, carrom, chess, monoply and with entertainmnet facilities possibly including cable TV (only for 2 hours a day). It is also recommended to have a ‘Practice room’ for preparing for extra-curricular activities including Karoke set/mock-stage, etc. Facilities for outdoor sports and daily morning yoga also to the extent possible should be provided as ‘Fitness & well-being’ is an ungraded credit course. 

Nutritious meals would be provided three times a day along with 2 green/black tea/soup with bun breaks through the day. There shall be a self-service counter with students bringing in their own plates/mugs/containers and cleaning them at designated wash-places. The kitchen, dining area needs to have highest hygiene standards with students assisting in food preparation, hygiene up-keep on a rotation basis.

Training Infrastructure Standards:

Hands-on (Practical oriented learning with individual machine time): Focus on “Turnkey”, independent workmanship development in the trade and understanding of productivity, safety & quality aspects in the sector.

The focus of Hands-on training is to develop an independent workman who can has ‘turnkey’ end-to-end competency in the trade along with understanding of productivity, safety, quality standards, piece-rate in the industry.

The following shall be Training infrastructure standards available at every Kaushal college:

 The focus of trade theory & practical would be to give an end-to-end trade skills as per the requirement in the sector. For example, for MEP technician one needs to know Building drawing reading, piping drawings interpretation, implementing piping works and finishing them with a sealant/plastering. There needs to be practrical training work-shop for enabling ‘Facilitated self-learning’ where the individual actually gets sufficient individual machine time to conceptualize learn and practice end-to-end works.

In addition to ‘Practice’ workship, each student should engage in Production shop/field experience in a quasi-commercial manner to understand nuances of actual works in the sector. It could be throug in-sourcing of works with equipment where students get crewed on a ‘shift’ basis or it could be deployment in field on a monthly/quarterly basis to ensure 2 hours per day of production shop/field experience is clocked. This is over and above internship between semesters.

Life skills are an integral part of learning and would be graded-credit-based courses like trade theory, practicals. Every semester two life module courses would be taught including digital literacy and communication skills (DLC), work & life values (WLV), I-discover-India (IDI), Finance & Entrepreneurship practicum (FEP)

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