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PREJHA Foundation

PanIIT Alumni Reach for Jharkhand (PReJHA) Foundation is a Non-profit, special purpose vehicle(SPV) set-up, under Section 8 of companies Act 2013, as a Joint social enterprise between PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation and agencies of Department of Welfare (DoW), Government of Jharkhand (GoJ). The objective of the foundation is to design, implement and scale, in an institutionalized manner across various districts of the state, initiatives for skill development and livelihood enhancement with a special focus on marginalized communities suchas Scheduled Tribes (ST), Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG), Scheduled Caste (SC), and other minorities. The key differentiation is of mission-level alignment for social mandate, impact maximization between the state government and like-minded Not-for-profit social enterprise like PanIIT Alumni Foundation that is an NSDC awarded, Nation Building initiative of alumni of Indian Institutes of Technology(IITs) across campuses. PReJHA Foundation was formally launched on 1stAugust 2016 by Shri. Raghubar Das, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Jharkhand.

Kalyan Gurukul at every district: Short-term technical skill development with assured placement

Kalyan Gurukul is the flagship initiative of PReJHA Foundation for assured placement-linked skill development of marginalized communities and Naxal affected areas. Gurukuls are full time, short term, residential skill development centres imparting training in varied sectors including Construction, manufacturing, logistics, technical services and apparel. Training is imparted using worksite like infrastructure and latest technologies including simulators. The emphasis is on practical experience for enhancing productivity, imbibing quality and ensuring safety. The technical training is complemented with Life skills comprising of spoken English, soft skills, etiquettes etc. coupled with efforts for imbibing ethics and discipline. Managed by ex-servicemen from Military Engineering Services Kalyan Gururkuls reflect the values and culture of the ancient Indian Gurukul system of education adapted for skill development.

The salient features of Kalyan Gurukul are as below:

  • 100% Demand led training. All candidates entering in Gurukul are assured of Job from day 1 of training.
  • All Gurukul principles Ex-Officers from armed forces to instill discipline and soft skills required for retaining candidates in job.
  • Set up work-site like training infrastructure.
  • Train and deploy in self sustainable manner. All candidates get 100% skill loan to build their equity in the program.

Since inception, more than 6,000 candidates have been trained and successfully placed in different companies through Kalyan Gurukul with average monthly salary of 10,000(excluding lodging and boarding facilities). Around 500 candidates have been assisted in getting international placement and currently working in middle-east countries in reputed companies like Shapporji International, Sunre, Dulsco and Transgulf. Nearly all candidates come from vulnerable section of society and around 70% of the candidates come from Scheduled Tribe community. Till date 25 Kalyan Gurukuls have become operational across 20 districts of Jharkhand. Another 5 Kalyan Gurukuls are scheduled to be operational to ensure at least one Kalyan Gurukul in each district. PREJHA foundation is setting up Gurukuls to enable training capacity of 7500-10000 candidates per annum. The graph below indicates year on year progress of Kalyan Gurukul (updated till 21 December 2018).